We have three sets / series of Data Tools, here they are:

  • 1. Out of Hospital Services Innovation ("OHSI") Series

    • OHSI Savings Projector

      Release Date: Nov - 24

      Model that projects how much you will save your Fund in future years as result of having X, Y or Z OHSI programs implemented at varying scale thresholds. the model projects benefit outlay savings (positive & negative) in FY26, FY27, FY28 and beyond with numerous, configurable OHSI program settings.

      • Business case for future implementations
      • See impact of OHSI programs on future rate rises
      • Ascertain 'what-if' we dialled up (or down) our OHSI campaign intensities
      • Guide Board decision-making on optimal OHSI campaign settings
    • OHSI Activity Tracker

      Release Date: Mar - 25

      Time series analysis of OHSI activity in PHI split by HST Programs, DM Programs, Care Co-ordination and (in time) other innovative and clinically efficacious hospital avoidance programs. This Data Tools is a collaboration between PHInsights and Insight Actuaries.

      How you can use these tools

      • Determine whether time is right to launch your OHSI campaign and (if so) at what level of intensity. Or should you await market maturity
      • Know your Fund's OHSI activity magnitude versus peers regionally and drivers of the difference
      • Forward plan to realise optimal optimal OHSI settings in the short term (2 years); medium term (4 years) and long term (8 years)
  • 2. Management Expense ("ME") Series

    • ME Composition Benchmarker

      Release Date: Sep - 24

      Anonymized benchmark comparing your Fund's component ME per policyholder on call centre, claims processing and marketing, etc. Facilitates targeted discussions on improving function-specific efficiencies, driving strategic cost optimizations through robust data analysis. It also identifies where your functions are relatively efficient. 

      • Show you Board where your Fund excels in efficiency terms
      • Confirm (or challenge) your hypotheses of where efficiencies can be found
      • Data leverage to combat year on year cost pressures (supplier negotiations)
      • Data to empower meaningful dialogue / planning with operational managers
    • ME Cost Trend Index

      Release Date: Dec-24

      Time series of the ME Composition Benchmarker. Enables function on function costs growth & inflation check - your fund versus rest of sector. Compare your unit costs base growth versus other funds. If you unit costs or function costs are rising faster than peers, then you can fix it!

      How you can use these tools

      • Show you Board where your Fund excels in member service and operational efficiency.
      • Identify and seize opportunities for performance augmentation.
      • Draw inspiration from the triumphs of other Funds to catalyse your own success.
  • 3. Policyholder Value ("PV") Series

    • Policyholder Trust in Fund Benchmark

      Release Date: Oct-24

      Our quarterly index assesses Policyholder Trust Levels ("PTL") across all Private Health Insurance Funds, enabling benchmarks against peers. Results are detailed by fund, geography, age, income level, and taxation status. This Data Tool is a collaboration between PHInsights and DFA Analytics. 

      How you can use these tools?

      • Know your PTL compared with other Funds
      • Know when your PTLs rise (or decline) in response to your external communications or news on the PHI sector
      • See how PTLs in your fund varies by demographics 
      • Fine tune your policyholder messaging 
    • Policyholder growth pathway models

      Release Date: Jan-25

      This quarterly index offers predictions on policyholder lapses specific to your Fund, based on weekly surveys with the public about their renewal intentions. Results are benchmarkable versus competing funds. Our extensive dataset helps reconcile the discrepancy between the higher number of stated lapses and the actual lapse rates. The analysis is segmented by fund, geography, age, income level and PHI taxation status. Data Tool is a collaboration between PHInsights and DFA Analytics.

      How you can use these tools?

      • Know in advance if you are about to experience more lapses than usual
      • Deeper insight on what is driving policyholder retention and lapse
      • Track changes in retention likelihood over time
      • Know to what extent PTL drives Lapse likelihood
      • Know to what extent Lapse likelihood drives actual lapse
    • Life-time policy value calculator

      Release Date: May-25

      Customizable model calculates the retention period needed to offset a new policyholder's acquisition cost. It factors in claims rates, servicing costs, premium rates, the likelihood of policy downgrades, and the initial cost of acquisition, allowing for tailored planning and strategy development.

      How you can use these tools

      • Compare policyholder value from competing acquisition channels aka (a) Intermediaries; (b) Marketing; (c) Word-of-mouth; and (d) M&A activity
      • Measure ROI from intermediary-acquired policyholders.
      • Understand the significance of policyholder growth for your Fund's success.