Dan Hilvert

Chief Analyst

Dan has been a long-suffering believer in the potential for PHI to contribute much more to our healthcare system and believes the time is ripe for such innovation to occur. Dan has run a healthcare focussed corporate advisory firm over the past decade and in the decade prior, Dan ran Corporate Development for Medibank.

Dr Ian Boyd

Clinical Advisor

Former Chief Medical Officer, Medibank. Former Chief Medical Officer, nib. General Practitioner for over thirty years. Practices in clinical and hospital settings. Dr Boyd is a believer in the potential for more activity to be transitioned into home based settings when clinically safe and efficacious.  

Clinical Advisor

Dr Chris Poulos

Clinical Advisor

Past president Royal Australasian College of Rehabilitation Medicine. Director, Positive Ageing HammondCare. Former Chair, Australiasian Rehabilitation Outcomes Centre (AROC). Thirty years clinical experience as Rehabilitation Physician. Lead clinical researcher across a number of home care and hospital substitution studies.   

Matthew Moore

Operations Advisor

Matthew has held CEO roles of two medium sized mutual PHI funds. He is an operational systems expert and also a fervent believer in the potential for PHI to deliver much more to Australian healthcare users.

Justin Begg

Commercial Advisor

Justin formerly an Associate Director in Healthcare and Health Payers at Accenture. Prior to that Justin was a GM in the DXC Technology Healthcare business, a leading global provider of Hospital, Pharmacy and other Healthcare and enterprise-wide Payer solutions (know Dedalus). Current Executive with BUPA. 

Chronic Disease Program Advisor

Adam McLeod

Chronic Disease Program Advisor

Chronic disease and population data expert. Former CEO of POLAR, a population health data program subscribed to by Primary Health Networks and General Practices Australia-wide. Registered nurse with ten years of public and private hospital practice experience. Current advisor to Wesfarmers Health.  

We lack depth !

We don't yet have any women on our commercial or our clinical panels. We identified a few excellent candidates but could not (quite) entice them. If you are a woman with either (a) 15+ years of clinical experience and believe we can do much better for healthcare stakeholders then please OR (b) a commercial mind-set intrigued by PHInsights then contact us here


Visual Commercial Perspectives

Entertaining and interactive deep data explorations parsing the challenges confronting PHI and appraising the the options vailable to PHI executives associated with resolving those problems for the betterment of their Fund and their fund's policyholders. Click here to see the releases schedule.

Customised Reports

Adapted from our established content library but crafted to meet the specific needs and situation of your fund. We fine-tune the data parameters to capture your Fund’s unique standpoint to resolve appropriate narrative.

PHI Benchmarking Services

Helicopter perspective fund reviews versus other funds. Sometimes these quick reviews uncover fund strengths and point to opportunity. 

Data Tools and PHInsights

  • Data Tools to support Out of Hospital Service Innovation
  • Management Expense composition benchmarking
  • Lapse and marketing benchmarks

More Data Tools here and more PHInsights here 

Supply & demand imbalance heat-maps.

Our heatmaps visualise provider distribution relative to community demand. They color-codes area according to relative supply and demand balance so you can quickly ascertain relative access levels for you policyholders.

PHI Consulting Services Including

  • Benefit outlay reduction audits.
  • Optimal member growth pathways.
  • Diversification outside of PHI strategy.
  • Capital and investment asset advisory.

We are on a mission to help funds make PHI considerably more affordable for younger and working age policyholders

Why working age policyholders? Because our community rated system relies on that group turning up. In the past decade, 10.3% of them have either left us or matured into the transitional age group. Right now, with soaring interest rates, we risk seeing that cohort leave us. Hence, cost reducing innovation isn’t just an option, it's an imperative – for the sake of PHI sustainability.